Sometimes writes, indeed

I’ve been writing far too infrequently … this being the first post of 2010 (pronounced twenty-ten). 🙂 On the flip side, I’ve been playing more guitar and exploring that creative side. I’ve had two concerts to date – both for an audience of one. The first one went pretty well but I was really nervous for the second concert. Could be b/c it was at work and not my place … but I’m hoping to improve on that next time around.

I had four drinks last night over five hours and still woke up feeling hung over. That is not good. Maybe I do need to go back on the wagon for a bit.

I made a lemon meringue pie tonight – my first. And it’s quite beautiful and professional looking. I will post a photo, perhaps, tomorrow. Recipe from Bon Appetit … the title was bakesale meringue pie or something along those lines. But the meringue looks very professional considering I’ve never tried to make it before.

OK. Time to go continue getting ready. Here’s to more than sometimes writing in Twenty Ten.

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