Oy. Can’t out-live health policy past.

Am such a dork. But in a good way. I couldn’t pass up President Obama’s health care speech tonight. Guess it dates back to my DC days, and health policy geek-ish-ness. Found all the pomp and circumstance, the GOP sits steadfastly and Dems stand amusing at this point. Thought John Boehner should be worried about his skin cancer risk (as noted on my FB page). And wondered who the even sour-er congressman was two to his stage left.

Interesting to hear that David Brooks thought Obama speech best since his campaign. I thought quite powerful … but who am I except for occasional music critic? Enjoy Obama serious/real anger expressed toward controversies, incl. death panels. Surprised that someone actually yelled “lie/liar” at one point, and heard later it actually was GOP congressman now begging forgiveness. Big surprise.

Hope it’s true that as President said, he is *last* President to tackle issue of health care reform. Despite all that one can be jaded and cynical about in this world, I truly believe this man and his staff want real change for the U.S., change that is positive and meaningful for citizens. And I’m not his spokesperson. I just work for UW Medicine.

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