Harrison Ford thoughts

It’s post- Golden Globes 2010, and I’m disappointed Avatar beat out the Hurt Locker. But hopefully that means a flip side at the Oscar’s. Fingers crossed. And happy that Glee won best TV comedy, even if Jane Lynch didn’t win her category.

Have been meaning to write about Parade magazine’s recent feature on Harrison Ford. Whoever wrote the subheads in this online piece apparently cannot count, since it mentions finding love “the second time around,” and Harrison was married two times previously. I don’t believe Calista was ever married before, so it confuses me as to why they’re included in the “second time around” link.

The features in Parade are really lame and mostly suck up to celebrities, but I had to applaud the writer who included the facts that reveal that Calista could be Harrison’s daughter (since she is nearly the same age as a son from marriage #1). He may be a good guy but I think it’s pretty gross, the whole sleeping with your father thing.

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