Small victories

I at last succeeded today in assembling my Ikea PS cabinet. I can’t believe this was more difficult than the bed (a two-day project) and dresser. But I now feel quite accomplished, and dig the bright red and shiny new furniture. Red, as in Ruby, of course.

I put a small dent in the top at some point, but I don’t think it really shows.

The place is coming together for sure. I hung more art today, incl. a mirror and framed print that required two, not one, nails. And I’m ready to take a bunch of things down to recycling, the trash and my storage unit.

Bed Bath and Beyond is on the agenda for today or tomorrow, b/c I’d like to purchase a runner rug for the hallway, maybe an umbrella stand and a place for people to put shoes.

Meeting friends tonight at Ravish, and tomorrow, having some friends over to check out the new place. Dips Ahoy. And, yes, I am stealing/ cribbing that expression from a friend’s recent party.

Oh, and the meeting thing with an (!) exclamation point didn’t happen this week. Final hour delays, uncertainty about future gatherings, and that’s OK. I’m sort of losing interest and uncertain that exclamation point is really interested in someone who sometimes writes.

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