Dreams. I have dreams.

The new Brandi Carlile album is out and … even though I thought I might be sick of her music after seeing her several times in concert last year … the album is awesome. I know, BC fans will die and want to hurt me reading the line that I might have been sick of her music. The horror. But get the album, give up the ghost.

In other news … life feels super busy. I’m hopeful it will slow down a bit over the wknd. But I’ve got things planned, like a party, hitting the gym (muy importante), getting a massage. All things that I look forward to and will welcome.

And then there’s the boy. He wrote me back this week. Said hanging out sounds good. Suggested a crazy place with great beer. Used an exclamation point. Unfortunately our schedules aren’t in synch this week. Fingers crossed – next week. Yes, please cross your fingers for me. Right now. 🙂

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