It’s a Saturday night

The parents are in town. They came to visit me and see my new pad. They approve, which is great, and they love the new Eastlake neighborhood.

We’ve had great dinners since they got here, at Ray’s Boathouse and then, tonight, Elliot’s Oyster House. Fantastic copper river salmon, and dad had the sockeye and he said it was fantastic.

I’m hard on my dad, and I’m not exactly sure why. I criticized him already for trying to open something with his teeth … and just find it’s easy for me to snap at him about little things. Something to think about and improve on in the future. My parents are good to me, and we’ve not always been BFFs. Of course we are not BFFs now, but we have a good and solid relationship. And I’m fortunate for that. And they even brought some amazing silver flatware out for me – I’m lucky and the set is beautiful. It belonged to my grandmother.

In other news, I watched two episodes of Glee tonight … and love LOVE love it. The Josh Groban jokes, the new jack swing/ older guys acapella group. Just too funny, sweet and sometimes touching. And I love LOVE love LOVE the Beyonce Single Ladies’ dance. It’s a current small obsession … maybe late to the game but have loved that song for a long time and the video. So now, I got to learn those moves.

And in other other news, I got an email back. From a guy I think is cute. After I told him I think he’s cute. Yes, I am back in 7th grade. Almost.

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