Bumbershoot highlights, and the Hurt Locker

My Bumbershoot strategy paid off this year. Last year, I was burning out every day, and never stayed to hear final performers. This year, I decided to go a little later every day. It wasn’t too difficult since I am still settling into the new place, and had a dresser to build. AND it helped me not feel so tired with all the music at the B-shoot. AND I sort of felt like I really did have a long weekend. A successful approach!

Highlights for me include fresh-faced Eric Hutchinson, and his soulful approach to music. A DC boy, for real (Takoma Park-raised).

Old 97’s are always a pleasure to see, and actually fun to see them on the main stage (despite me thinking that would be a *bad* idea). Rhett gave a shout-out to his 30 Rock performance and played my favorite song ever, Question. He also said it was his birthday over the wknd (Sept. 6).

And Elvis Perkins was a treat to see live again. He was channeling Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Madonna … seemingly. His quirkiness might be annoying if he wasn’t such a great musician, with an awesome backing Dearland band. A guitar guy from Cold War Kids also joined them for a few tunes.

Sunday, I dug seeing the Dutchess and the Duke in Exhibition Hall. I had heard about them, but never saw them play … and I guess I didn’t pay much attention to their looks. I say that b/c they didn’t look like what I expected … hipster and sophisticated. They were definitely Seattle hipster, but lower-key than the royal band moniker. And who doesn’t like some constant tambourine?

Todd Snider capped off the night, and he was a treat to see. I read an interesting feature on him in the NYT a few months ago, and was amused to see he has a track on his new/ latest album called “Greencastle Blues.” He wrote it while in jail in Greencastle, Ind. for marijuana possession. I went to college at DePauw in Greencastle, so the song holds special and humorous significance.

Snider was funny, entertaining, insightful … and a great musician. I think most anyone would love listening to him for hours. And if you look up his back story, you’ll be even more intrigued. Hope he continues to make music and share his wisdom.

Today, I went to see Hurt Locker. Several friends had recommended it, and I was talking w/ my friend, Clare, at Bumbershoot about going to see it. I must admit to being a fan of Kathryn Bigelow’s work … dating back to Point Break. Yes, I will admit it. The NYT also had an interesting feature on Bigelow and the new movie. I can’t say I was drawn to it at the time, but am glad friends changed my mind.

It was mesmerizing, depressing, scary … all of the above. I left the film a little shell-shocked, which may be the point of it. All thumbs up, and great performances by lead actor Jeremy Renner. Amazing, in fact. And nice cameos from Evangeline Lilly, Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes and Christian Camargo … who of course took me back to his Dexter days.

OK. That’s a wrap for now. An entertainment-filled weekend, for sure.

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