more yoga thoughts, you oughta know

I recently took an extended yoga class with Wade Morissette and yes he is the brother or Alanis (twin brother, in fact).  I learned about the class through a S. Lake Union list serv I’m on and as soon as I saw it, I thought … who would not want to go to this class?

Wade was fantastic and it was my first time at Be Luminous Yoga (a fabulous name, I must say). It’s a hot yoga studio and, unlike Urban Yoga Spa in downtown Seattle, it’s not overly stinky from sweat and steam.  I kid you not – UYS was not the best experience, despite a great instructor in Jennifer Isaacson.

So … Wade talked with our small class (maybe 10 people?) for the first 30 minutes … about the flow of the class, what we would work up to (triangle was one man’s choice) and his philosophy about yoga.  It’s clear he is a serious student/ teacher of yoga and he was very peaceful, zen and all that.

The practice was amazing and challenging, 2.5 hours in a hot yoga studio. I didn’t know it was hot yoga, which made things tricky towards the end of class, after sweating for two hours. It also caused me to feel a little nauseous after doing a full-on backbend towards the end of class. I skipped the second one and felt much better.

Wade ended the class with song and played the acoustic guitar during the savasana or corpse pose. It was peaceful and cool.  For the first time in a very long time, I was almost completely able to clear my mind of all thoughts except for what was going on in class. Maybe I was distracted by the heat. No matter what the reason, it just felt pretty amazing. I would recommend Wade to anyone who enjoys yoga and wants a challenge.  The side bonus? It made me revisit my Alanis CDs and download the MTV live/ acoustic CD. She’s good stuff, for sure. And what a cool brother/ sister combination. Namaste.

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