UW to use investigational Medtronic device, advance research into brain activity

I wrote this story at the University of Washington while working at the Center for Neurotechnology (formerly known as the Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering).

Researchers from the University of Washington Department of Electrical Engineering, UW Department of Neurological Surgery and UW Department of Philosophy teamed up with medical device manufacturer Medtronic to use the Activa® PC+S Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system with people who have essential tremor.

The Center is funded by the National Science Foundation and is one of numerous Engineering Research Centers across the country. Medtronic was and remains an industry member for the Center for Neurotechnology.

Jeffrey Herron, now an assistant professor at the University of Washington, reviews a circuit board he designed to allow for wireless and mobile experiments with the Activa PC+S Deep Brain Stimulation system. Herron was previously a doctoral student in engineering at the UW, when this story was published. Photo: Mary Guiden

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