Love the Lauren

I look forward to the Sunday New York Times for several reasons, and the Styles section is perhaps the first one that I go to for interesting pop culture-related features and trends, celebrity & interesting people profiles (recent one on the founder, Tony Hsieh), the Modern Love column and Wedding stories.

This recent wedding recap made me smile for some of the details – she wasn’t interested, then learned he had sold a company for $10 million and decided to perhaps take a second look.  I don’t know that I blame her but umm, yes.  Interesting details.

Anyway, I love the Styles section, too, for its full-page Ralph Lauren ads.

Western blouse with fancy skirt - Ralph Lauren spring 2011
courtesy of the NYT

It is often the first page that I turn to, to see what the stylists have created.

The colors are gorgeous, the outfits fabulous yet often down-to-earth, and I even went searching for a fancy blue dress last year after spotting the ad, only to see its price tag was more than $1,000 and definitely out of my price range, unless it shows up on eBay at some point.

The spring 2011 collection has a Western theme, maybe going back to retro Ralph Lauren in a way, as my friend Lisa recently remarked.  I sort of recreated the outfit to the left before even seeing this ad, mixing a J Crew bright blue gingham blouse with a pink taffeta skirt (also J Crew, from the outlet store). It’s a great look, I must admit and it makes me feel quite spring-y and optimistic (thanks, Lisa).

Here’s another example below, from a Women’s Wear Daily spread of the runway show.  Even though I lived in Colorado and dig cowboy boots, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m into Western gear and clothing … or maybe I am, actually.  I love what Ralph Lauren does with this collection, mixing up the rugged and feminine, and keeping it sexy.  Hopefully I can recreate some of these looks, find them on sale, hiding in my closet, etc.
Ralph Lauren model on the runway - spring 2011 collection

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