For Elizabeth R. – booby photos

Mother booby and child

Alas, the feet are not so apparent in my photos.  But I hope it helps if I describe the color. The blue feet were the most apparent, and they were the color of public swimming pool blue.

It was quite unreal.  I think in one of these shots (maybe the cave picture), you can see the green-ish color, too.

We saw the boobies and bird sanctuary on the day we took a boat trip, ended up humpback whale watching, saw dolphins and the other boat saw a whole school of sting rays at the surface of the water.

A green-footed booby may almost be visible here.

When we arrived on a little island not far from the bird sanctuary island, we saw the scene above (first photo).  You could see one or two birds and what looked like rolls of cotton at the edge of the nest.  The cotton soon woke up and we saw wobbly spindly babies trying to stand up, maybe being fed and moved around.

A few of the guides from our trip climbed up the rocky side of the island wall to try to get closer and the adult birds took on a defensive stance.

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  1. Better watch out Mary. I hope everyone out there who googles “booby photos” isn’t directed to this blog. 🙂

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