Not. taken. seriously. But it’s OK

I needed new eye cream today and spotted a great “gift with purchase” from Estee Lauder in the Nordstrom catalog that arrived this week. An $80 value with purchase of $29.50 or more. What a deal!

Estee Lauder makeup
October 2010 Estee Lauder gift with purchase items

Still feeling not-so-great in the morning, I opted for a trip downtown instead of heading to yoga. New makeup would help me kick that cold, eh? I also wanted to check out a great Bliss moisturizer I’d recently sampled, Best of skintentions. Bliss is rivaling Opi for cute and clever product names.

Two Nordstrom ladies were already helping others, or ringing up a sale. So an attentive guy from across the aisle, displaying that great Nordstrom customer service, came over to help me. He mostly knew what  he was talking about and, in fact, explained that the lotion I’d previously been using as an eye cream is not meant for the eyes. But it worked so well!  Oh, well.

The Estee lady came over and didn’t seem pleased that guy-from-across-the-way was providing an assist. She backed him up on the eye cream that’s not an eye cream and provided a suggestion on what I should buy today.  She didn’t seem very interested in me and didn’t make an attempt to see if I needed anything else. I could have had two more gifts if I’d made a purchase of $55 or more, you know, according to the little flier.

Estee Lauder eye shadow set
A fabulous Estee Lauder eye shadow quad as part of the gift with purchase

I’ve had that same kind of treatment before at the Estee Lauder counter, and have decided it’s because I look too young to be an Estee lady. I grew up, after all, remembering my mom using Estee Lauder.  And that about makes my day, the young reminder, on top of the fabulous gift with purchase.

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