I want to sing French songs

An Education - movie poster

(kudos to Still dottie for photo idea/ inspiration)

Saw An Education yesterday … because I wanted to squeeze in more viewings before the Oscars, which I’m watching now.  The experience was slightly marred by the man and his wife in front of me, who acted more like they were watching the movie all alone – loud guffaws, comments and laughter throughout the entire movie.  Yes, I did finally shush them at some point.  A HUGE pet peeve of mine – stay home and rent the movie if you feel the need to ruin it for others.

In the movie, Carey Mulligan’s character, Jenny, speaks and sings French tunes.  Juliette Greco spins on the record player and she sings along. I think I will soon be searching out French tunes on iTunes and elsewhere, and singing along.

Carey Mulligan is mesmerizing in the movie – fresh, adorable, believable, funny, heart-breaking. I was creeped out a bit by Peter Sarsgaard’s character, but SPOILER ALERT that is part of the story.   Well worth seeing … and I’m guessing, perhaps a bit more unpredictable than movies like Avatar.

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