Beards and cupcakes.

Making cupcakes later today, and found a hopefully tasty recipe online from New York’s Magnolia bakery. I was looking online at Bon Appetit and a reviewer mentioned this recipe. I feel like I read about it in the NYT at some point, it looks easy enough … so I’ll provide a review later.

Have been thinking since the Golden Globes about BEARDS. I can dig this beard, and this one, and really like the comment from SPOON frontman Britt Daniel about beards.

Seattle guys should clean up their act and take a cue from Jon and George. The beards I see on the streets here, for the most part, are scruffy, scraggly and gross. Here’s some examples from the Seattle Weekly earlier this year. I know, the first one is a big mustache and doesn’t really count. I guess Seattle guys will have a hard time becoming Jon or M. Clooney, but they can aspire. That’s all I’m saying.

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