The week in music

I’ve been to Anacortes and back, and slacking already on my blog. Oh well. Anacortes was great. I discovered a new artist – Maron Resur – and am buying two of his inexpensive paintings. He has spendy ones, too.

My interview w/ Ms. Taylor Swift went well, and I came away from the interview completely impressed with her business sense and how she applies it to her career. Of course she has “people” guiding her, but still. She’s impressive. Show is Friday, May 15 at Key Arena.

What else? I rode my new Kona Lisa and feel silly admitting this, but I’m afraid of my new road bike. I don’t think I’ve ridden a road bike since, umm, junior high or high school … and feel very exposed, all bent over and feeling like I’m going to tumble over the handlebars. I am sure I’ll get used to it soon enough, and I need to lower the seat a bit to increase the comfort factor.

Looking forward to Ben Folds Thursday, then Taylor on Friday … and Theresa Andersson at the Tractor next Monday, May 18. Theresa is fabulous, from what I’ve heard, and I may be more excited to see her than the others … though Taylor will put on an amazing show, I’m sure. I’ll enjoy singing along to the “boys are stupid” sort of songs. ๐Ÿ™‚

And I need to check out the SIFF line-up. So much music, film and art … and not enough time.

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